Pivot doors

For something really special, you can choose our pivot doors. Unusual and versatile, this beautifully weighted door can make a wonderful feature in any home and will put a smile on your face every time you use it.


Intended as internal doors rather than external doors, our pivot doors have a single point locking mechanism for additional security if required.

Thermal insulation

Our exclusively designed polyamide thermal break system and multi-chambered profile enables us to achieve industry-leading thermal performance in all our windows and doors. Combine this with high performance glazing and our pivot door will help keep your house cosy and warm.

Weather proofing

The nature of the pivot door is such that the frame cannot overlap with the top and bottom of the door leaf. Whilst a brush strip will help keep out draughts, this door is not designed to keep out driving rain and strong winds. Think of it as a great option to install between the main house and a conservatory or garden room rather than as an external door.

Noise reduction

Clever use of different materials in the frame combine with a range of glazing options to provide some impressive noise reduction figures.

Low maintenance

Aluminium will never rot or rust and there is no need to repaint every few years. Just give the frame a quick wipe every so often using the cleaning products in your Reynaers at Home care and maintenance kit and your windows and doors will look as good as new for years to come.


Class one safety glass (that complies with Building Regulations part N) is fitted as standard to all our doors, which means that if it breaks there are no dangerous shards of glass to worry about.

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