Are bespoke bifold doors or sliding patio doors the better choice for my home?

You want to open your home to the garden with a piece of bespoke glazing that’s stylish yet flexible enough to meet practical needs. So how do you choose between sliding patio doors or high quality bifolding doors?

It depends upon what kind of access you want, says Reynaers at Home Head Hugh Moss. “A simple but key consideration is garden access. Aluminium bifold doors can be installed with double doors or a single traffic door, allowing you to nip quickly in and out of the garden.”

Bifolding doors also offer the flexibility to install doors that open inwards or outwards to suit the space they are in, the surrounding home and furnishings or other design features. Most people choose to have the doors opening outwards so that when they are wet from the rain, they don’t drip inside the room.

Hugh Moss adds: “Sliding patio doors offer greater control, allowing you to vary the opening more easily. Open them an inch for a fresh light breeze, a couple of feet to pop outside, or open them all the way to let the outside in.”

Are bespoke bifold doors or sliding patio doors the better choice for my home?

Reynaers at Home offers both bifold and sliding patio doors up to three metres in height and its new ultra slim-framed Hi-Finity door can even stretch to 3.5m in height. Hugh Moss says: “As bi-fold’s are made from several glazed door leaves, a certain amount of their aluminium frame will be on show. Sliding patio doors however are different in that they can support vast panes of glass to offer unobstructed views.”

Adaptability is a key advantage of sliding doors, but bi-fold openings offer the luxury of being able to fold back the whole wall. Bi-folds concertina to reveal an aperture of around 90% of the space in which they sit. The leaves fold back against a single wall or split and stack on both sides, helping to create that seamless transition between home and garden.

Hugh Moss says: “For something truly breath-taking Reynaers at Home can supply sliding patio doors on adjacent walls that meet at a right angle. As the door doesn’t need a corner post, views can remain unobstructed when the doors are open and the ceiling over the corner appears to float.”

Reynaers at Home is a premium brand dedicated to offering the very best architectural glazing products and service to the discerning householder. For more information see the website, email or call 0121 421 9707.

Notes to Editors:

Reynaers at Home products are crafted from aluminium, a superior material for self build windows and doors, sliding doors, bi-fold doors, sliding patio doors, conservatories and a host of other glazing products. The Reynaers at Home product range can be used in new home construction, as well as in extensions and renovations. All products are available in various styles and in a wide range of colours.
Reynaers at Home offers an extensive support and training service for its partners in the domestic marketplace, including fabricators, installers, architects and builders.
Reynaers at Home provides its own Dedicated Support Team – design support, architectural support, CAD, estimation, customer service and lead generation.
Reynaers at Home is based in Birmingham, with a growing network of approved suppliers and installers across the UK. Visit,
Reynaers at Home is part of the family-owned parent company Reynaers Aluminium, which was founded in 1965 and is headquartered in Duffel, Belgium.
Reynaers at Home satisfies the international ISO 9001:2000 quality standard. In addition, it also has the following accreditations: ISO 14001, ISO 16001, ISO 50001, Secured By Design, Achilles, BM TRADA.
Reynaers at Home is headed by industry expert Hugh Moss, who is available for media interviews.

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