CP 155

CP 155 Aluminium Sliding Doors

CP 155 is a premium insulated sliding system offering the highest levels of performance. This sophisticated system fulfils the user’s high expectations of optimum quality, high insulation and ease of operation.

The inherent strength of this system makes it possible to offer very large dimensions – up to 3m in height and a maximum vent weight of 400 kg*. Thanks to the ‘High Insulation’ upgrade, the system can achieve superior insulation levels down to 1.07 W/m2K (Uf value). This results in a glazed element with insulation values lower than 1.0 W/m2K, allowing the CP 155-HI system, which is certified with a Minergie label, to be used in low-energy buildings.

Furthermore, the system is available with a low threshold option that creates perfect continuity between the indoor and outdoor spaces, and improves the accessibility to the building.

This accessibility and comfort can be further improved with our solutions for automatic operation.


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Security, architectural design and energy efficiency are all essential elements to Reynaers at Home aluminium products. Therefore, the CP 155 has been awarded the coveted Swiss Minergie component label, which is widely recognised as a quality indicator for high-insulation systems. This system is also very high performing system in terms of noise reduction, weather resistance and security.

  • Double- and triple-glazed options
  • Strong and durable
  • Industry leading maximum sizes
  • Secured by Design accreditation
  • Corner solution possible
  • U-value as low as 1.07W/m2k

Style Options

Designed with security and weather resistance in mind, these low maintenance aluminium doors offer state-of-the-art performance and stunning aesthetics. There is the option of choosing between one, two or even three tracks and double or triple glazing with this aluminium system.



Min. Visible width T-profile

76 mm

Visible width meeting section

50 mm

Max. height vent

3000 mm

Max. width vent

2700 mm

Max. weight element

300 kg

Overall system depth frame

155 mm

Overall system depth vent

68 mm

Rebate height

25 mm

Visible height vent

102 mm

Min. Glass thickness

4 mm

Max. Glass thickness

52 mm

Thermal break

Fibreglass Reinforced Polyamide Strips



  • Air tightness max. test pressure

    4 (600 Pa)

  • Water tightness

    A (450 Pa)

  • Wind load resistance

    C4 (1600 Pa)

  • Acoustic performance

    Rw (C; Ctr) = 35 (-2;-4) dB / 40 (0;-2) dB, depending on glazing type dB


  • Thermal insulation (Uf)

    1,07 W/m²K

Opening options


2 rail